My obsession with Stoney Clover Lane has gotten completely out of control. I seriously cannot stop spending money with the brand and have joked (too many times) that I should send my paycheck directly to the company. 

I think what has fueled my obsession is the little community of Stoney Clover Lane lovers I've found on Instagram; other bloggers & influencers who adore SCL, interact with the brand and post inspiration on their accounts. It's like we're all enabling each other's addictions. 

If you are reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, Stoney Clover Lane is an accessories brand run by two sisters, Kendall and Libby. They sell *mostly* nylon pouches that are completely customizable with letters, numbers, and different patches. There is truly something for everyone in this brand, whether you want a tote bag, a pouch for travel, or something for home organization. They also sell face masks and I have about 8 of them right now -- the best masks I own, truly. 

And you definitely don't have to customize the bags, I have a few things that are not customized and I love them! Stoney Clover is quite expensive but I think it's worth it; I was always buying makeup bags and pouches but now I just exclusively buy Stoney Clover.  

I have started using my pouches as bags when I run errands and it's really nice to have something small and compact. I just can't say enough good things about the brand. 

While I have been buying a lot of products from them, I also love to play around in the customizer and save designs for future purchases.  I figured that I could share some of the designs I created and maybe you can use it as inspiration for your next purchase! 

These are a few of my 'fall' themed pouches!

I was going to post this yesterday but the new Fall Nylon collection launched yesterday morning so I wanted to include some inspo with those colors as well! I love a situational, themed pouch so with the fall and holidays coming up, I've been designing a lot of themed pouches. Also, the new fall collections from SCL are so ideal for the season it's crazy.

Fall Collection

Sparkling Cider Large Pouch Sparkling Cider Heart
Pistachio Heart Pumpkin Spice Heart
Buttercream Heart
Pumpkin Spice Mini Pouch
Rolled Embroidery Heart

Cinnamon Sugar Cordoury Open Top
Rolled Embroidery Letters
Pistachio Mini Pouch
Rolled Embroidery Letters
Rolled Embroidery Heart
Sparkling Cider Small Pouch
Buttercream Heart
Pumpkin Spice Heart
Pistachio Heart

Sand Notebook
Buttercream Heart
Pistachio Heart
Rolled Embroidery Letters
Sand Jewelry Roll
Pumpkin Spice Glitter Varsity Letters
Sparkling Cider Glitter Varsity Letters
Buttercream Glitter Varsity Letters

Fall Inspiration

Sand Small Pouch Sand Glitter Varsity Letters

Noir Mini Pouch Boo Icon Patch

Peach Small Pouch Noir Glitter Varsity Letters 
Sand Clear Flat Pouch Noir Glitter Varsity Letters
Sand Clear Travel Pouch
Turkey Patches 
Textured Notebook in Sand
Sand Glitter Varsity Letters

Corduroy Collection Inspiration

Toasted Marshmallow Open Top
Gold Puffy Letters

Cinnamon Sugar Large Pouch
Sand Glitter Varsity Letters
Blanc Glitter Varsity Letters

Blueberry Pie Mini Pouch Sapphire Glitter Heart

Cinnamon Sugar Small Pouch
Noir Glitter Heart

I'm going to try to do these posts every so often and definitely post a lot more on my LikeToKnowIt.

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