I am not a sneaker gal. I never, ever wear sneakers unless I'm going to the gym. My friends used to make fun of me in college whenever I wore sneakers because I just looked so out of place. I think my issue was that I felt sort of clunky if that makes sense. I just didn't feel like I looked right wearing gym sneakers when I wasn't at the gym. 

As I've gotten older and my style has 'semi' changed, I bought a pair of Steve Maden slip-on sneakers (similar style here)  and I've been wearing them for years. They're the perfect shoe to throw on when running errands; super comfortable, go with everything and I don't feel like I'm wearing sneakers.

However, within the past year or so I've noticed a new trend popping up and that's what I'm calling the fashion sneaker. This isn't something new but something I feel has come back in style as a lot of designers and brands are putting their own twist on it.

To me, the fashion sneaker is a sneaker that is low cut, with or without laces, and clearly looks like a sneaker not made for the gym. These are sneakers I could tolerate wearing... so much that I bought two pairs. Even though they are my fashion sneakers, I still have rules *you cannot wear ANY kind of sneakers with jeans*. I just won't do it! 

Right as quarantine was starting I purchased the Superga x Love Shack Fancy sneakers that kind of feel like keds but an adult version. They're very comfortable and while the print is pretty out there, it goes with neutrals. I wore them throughout the spring & summer so might have to hang them up for the fall & winter seasons. 

The second pair of fashion sneakers I own is a Tory Burch pair I purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They are heavier than the Superga and a little more sturdy but still very comfortable. They aren't available anymore but a similar style is the Howell Sneaker. 

I've scrounged the internet for the best fashion sneakers and they're all below. Some are from Target, some from Nordstrom, however, all of them are what I envision the ideal sneaker. 

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