Etsy has always been one of my favorite places to shop. It has everything you could ever want or need, whether it's a piece of jewelry, home decor, or notebooks. When you shop at Etsy, the possibilities are truly endless.

Sometimes when I have something in my head, it can be difficult to figure out what kind of retailer would have that... but Etsy always delivers. You want a fancy, printable bookmark? Etsy has it. You want memorial jewelry? Etsy has it. Whatever you want, there's an Esty shop that caters to that specific item. It's pretty intense. 

I've been shopping on the platform for years but during quarantine, I feel like I've discovered more shops with more unique items and I figured that it was time to tell you all about them! 

Recently, I did a post on my favorite Disney small shops and some of those are Etsy but I won't be mentioning them today. They still stand up and I love them! 

My Favorite Etsy Shops Right Now

Blog Pixie

I've been buying my blog templates off of Etsy since starting Royally Pink and I've had my eye on a Blog Pixie layout for a while -- well I finally purchased it and it's the layout you see now. However, Blog Pixie isn't just for bloggers; she sells exclusive fonts, Instagram highlight icons, logos, and any other design you might need if you're a blogger, freelancer, or just want to make your social media look beautiful! 

Melsy's Illustrations

Last Christmas, Melsy even printed her iconic holiday prints on cookies! 

This has been one of my favorite shops for years... like over 5 years and I shop here too much. Melsy has some of the best illustrations around; they are beautiful, elegant, chic, and high quality. I love that she has her prints available on mugs, pillows, journals, and anything else you could imagine. All the designs are priced fairly and I think Melsy is a great way to incorporate your own art style into your home. I am not a fan of 'art' but I like these girly prints. They make my room feel more 'me'. 

New Moon Beginnings

Over the past year or so, I've gotten more into crystals but I didn't really know where to start. That's where the Etsy shop called New Moon Beginnings came in. They are decently priced, beautiful, and the explanations are so clearly stated on the product page. The shop also sells candles and crystal bundles so all bases are truly covered. 

Minted Sugar

When I first started using my Louis Vuitton MM Agenda, one of the first shops I purchased from was Minted Sugar. They have many different types of planner pages, to-do lists, planner cards, and note pages. They come in different colors, different sizes, and the quality of the paper is one of the best I've ever purchased from. Pens don't bleed through the back, they don't tear easily, and I love that you can choose the color... mine are obviously pink. The prices are also very fair! 

Caitlyn Minimalist

After my dad died, I always knew that I wanted to get a tattoo of his signature but that hasn't happened yet. I'm not sure where I found the idea but I saw that you could get a piece of jewelry with someone's signature engraved on it. Somehow, I found Caitlyn Minimalist and loved the idea of having a ring with my dad's signature. At some point during quarantine, I decided to order it. I just sent her a photo and within 2-3 weeks, I had my ring. It's beautiful and very accurate. The shop doesn't just do memorial jewelry, there are tons of different styles available. The quality is superb and the shop owner is very sweet. I definitely need to get something else from her soon.

Letters & Lucy

I love a good graphic tee and when you combine that with my love of pop culture, you've got a match made in heaven. Letters & Lucy sells so many Bravo related tees and that's mostly why I love the shop but I also love that she has options for non reality tv lovers too. The shirt I have and had lusted over is the Mood: Season One Stassi shirt because is there any other mood? The quality is really great and the shirts are super comfortable. If you're looking for something fun to wear, Letters & Lucy is a great shop to support.

One of my favorite thing about Etsy is that items are handmade (sometimes) but you are always supporting a small business. With your shopping, you are making a difference in someone's life and supporting them, their family, and their dreams. There's a reason that people say to shop small, it makes a difference.

What are your favorite Etsy shops?

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