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My Favorite Disney Small Shops

Over the past few years, I've gone through different phases of being a little too obsessed with Disney. Yes, I'm a childless millennial who loves Disney, don't hate! Disney is very important to me and really makes me happy. A few years ago, I discovered the online world of Disney influencers, and online shops. So many people have Disney businesses and Disney Instagram accounts... it's so much fun & brings a little magic right into my life. 

That being said, I've been really into Disney merch and items from small businesses/shops. I love something that doesn't scream Disney but just has a hint of magic. 

I've ordered a lot from small shops and even more from BoxLunch & Shop Disney but today I really wanted to highlight some of my favorite small businesses. 

Belle and Park

Belle & Park is the shop I have definitely ordered the most from and I am simply in love with the aesthetic & the owner! She sells coffee cups, phone cases, stickers and so much more. I have pretty much one of everything from her shop and they're super high quality and beautiful. I have a Starbucks cup that I drink out of every day, a cute Mickey Mouse Waffle Sticker, a 'Best Day Ever' phone case, AND the matching sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is so comfortable and not overly heavy so I know it's going to be in heavy rotation during the quarantine. 

Wish Upon Magic

This is the most adorable Etsy shop I have come across! Honestly, I haven't ordered anything from here but I have so many stickers in my cart. I know influencers who have ordered their keychains and they are so fluffy & adorable. It seems to be a really high-quality shop and they have really great items!

Polka Dot Pixie Shop

I ordered the Cinderella's Castle phone case from here... my first Disney phone case, and it's incredible. It's super durable and the design is printed onto the case really well. It doesn't scream Disney even though it's the castle and it adds the perfect touch of magic to your phone! I haven't ordered anything else from the shop but they have awesome shirts that I really want to get. 

Park And Beach

The other bracelets alongside my Zoe bracelet is the Pisa
from Baublebar and the Brianna Bracelet (no longer available)
from Miranda Frye.

This isn't necessarily a Disney Shop but the owner, Zoe, is a huge Disney fan and the 'Park' in the name of the brand correlates to a Disney park. Park & Beach sells beaded bracelets and some are Disney inspired, especially the Zoe bracelet which is the one I own. The little Mickey head is so adorable (of course mine is pink!) and a touch of something special. Other Disney inspired bracelets are the Pixie Dust Bracelet and the Zoe Rainbow Bracelet. The bracelet is super high quality, true to size, and is very comfortable. Also, you if you love Disney, bright colors, and beautiful fashion and accessories, you should follow Zoe on Instagram