Happy July everyone! I had a very long weekend away in New Jersey and I'm happy to be home. I discovered something new this weekend: I'm highly allergic to dogs.

I've known I was allergic for a while now because whenever I'm around dogs for an extended period of time, I have a sneezing attack and can't breathe but this weekend, it was on another level. My aunt and uncle, whose house I was staying at, have a dog and I guess being there for three days made my allergies really act up.

On Friday night I had a panic attack because I truly could not breathe. It felt like I was breathing in sand... it was a horrible experience and made me sick the entire weekend. Now, I'm home with swollen eyes and distressed lungs but ready to get the week started. 

I've been feeling really creative and motivated the past week, thanks to following some new accounts on Instagram and TikTok. I'm hoping that I can keep it up and actually get some work done this week.

All of that being said, let's get into the post.

Links I Loved

What I Bought This Week

I purchased a customized bracelet from the Etsy Shop, ShopGolden Stars. I needed a new control top so I bought one from Skims and also wanted to try one of their new sleep dresses

 I also want to start highlighting the books I bought or scored from NetGalley so this week, I purchased Self Care, a novel about a wellness company. I cannot wait to dive into it. 

Have a great Sunday and start to the week, everyone!
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