My nail colors have officially switched over to bright pinks, purples, and blues and with the state of the world, I needed some brightness in my life. The multi-color manicure trend has been on my radar for a while now but I've never attempted it. I could never figure out what colors go together or what looked good but finally, with my bright colors, I found a good match.

Rainbow manicures are definitely going to be all over this summer and I'm pretty excited about it. I didn't' use any new colors to create mine but this is probably my favorite manicure to date. I don't think I can go back to using just one color after this! 

The key to a good rainbow manicure is to find colors that complement each other: blue & purple, pink & blue, maybe throw in a coral or peach. As long as they aren't too drastic or too similar, they should work. Like I said before, I definitely think this works better with light colors than dark ones, but maybe that's just me. 

What I Used

To create my perfect rainbow manicure, I used three different Essie polishes, Mint Candy Apple, Homegrown, and Feeling Wellies. Mint Candy Apple is a classic teal, Homegrown is a gorgeous shimmering peach from the Fall 2019 collection, and Feeling Wellies is the new muted yellow color. 

I already love Homegrown and Feeling Wellies but Mint Candy Apple is an older shade and doesn't have the new, flat brush and in general, I find this polish to be a little patchy and watery. However, after some fiddling and two coats, it was pretty decent. I do want to find a newer Mint Candy Apple that has the new brush to make life a little easier.

I alternated the colors on each finger and then repeated Homegrown and Feeling Wellies to bring the look together. It looked so awesome and is the perfect springtime manicure to brighten your day.

Because I'm now in the mood for bright colors, I went and picked up two classic favorites: Bikini So Teeny and Playdate. I am ready for summer! 

What is on your nails today?
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