I listened to Governor Cuomo's daily briefing this morning and he informed us that we are on day 56 of the Coronavirus pandemic. Personally, I am on day 43 of lockdown and I really don't see an end in sight. I don't know what the future holds, no one does and there is nothing more stressful on the human brain than that feeling.

I was fine this week, a little under the weather, a little confused, and just waiting for the weekend. I just needed to decompress, a day to do nothing, and to let my brain heal. In the first half of the week, I was incredibly nauseous and couldn't keep anything but seltzer and saltines down. Then, I spent the second half of the week with vertigo and incredibly confused. Allergies were on the fritz and I couldn't breathe. It just wasn't a good week but nothing a lot of sleep couldn't fix.

Today is a day of errands, a nice walk around the neighborhood, and perhaps working on some content. I need to shift my mindset and get in the groove again.

I hope you are all staying sane, safe, and healthy.

Now, for the links of the week...

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I was pretty good and only placed another Sephora order!

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