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Fashion Files: My Favorite Loungewear Right Now

Loungewear is all I'm wearing right now. I cannot find it in me to actually get dressed every morning and I'm starting to become concerned with my future self when she has to get dressed in real people's clothes every day.

Before quarantine, I wore leggings most days but would try to rotate in jeans or dress pants but now? I haven't NOT worn leggings since March 13th. I just love them so much but now, I'm not even putting on real shirts with them. I haven't worn anything but a sweatshirt in over a month and have continued to purchase new sweatshirts to keep things fresh.

As stated many times before, the leggings I'm obsessed with (and the only ones I wear) are Zella leggings. Zella is exclusive to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. The leggings I wear are the High Waisted Live In leggings.

To get in on the tie-dye trend, I ordered a pair of pink tie-dye Zella leggings (currently sold out but available in blue). However, we'll see what they look like when I receive them.

I wanted to come here today and just give you some picks for not crazy overpriced loungewear and honestly, my version of loungewear. I don't like sweatpants and much prefer to chill out in leggings and oversized sweatshirts so most of this is going to be the shirts I've been wearing and buying.

Full disclosure: I've been on a Disney kick so I have a lot of Disney sweatshirts in here. They're super comfortable, very oversized and make me so happy in times when happiness is few and far in between.

Let me know if the comments what your favorite loungewear is right now!