That's it. Cancel 2020. I'm over it. I left my house once this week, last night, to go to the grocery store and drop off laundry. Things are hard, and my family & I are healthy so I can't even imagine how those who are sick feel.

I feel really hopeless right now and then I feel guilty for feeling like that. There's just so much happening, it's very overwhelming and scary. Even when this is all over, life isn't going to be the same and I'm still nursing a broken heart. I'm just at a loss for words.

I hope you all are staying a little more positive than I am. If you want to talk about it, leave a comment below, email me or DM me on Instagram. Let's help each other.

I'm currently catching up on This Is Us and will maybe start reading American Royals (finally) but for now, let's end it here and get to the post.

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I didn't really buy anything this week and have been successfully avoiding all online sales so thank goodness! I picked up this Danielle Nicole Cinderella Bag but might return it.

Programming Note: After many tries, I finally got approved for RewardStyle & am officially part of LIKETOKNOWIT! It was a true bright spot this week and I would love if you could follow me on the app. I kind of feel like I've made it. 

Also, I uploaded my first TikTok videos-- follow me at RoyallyPinkLife :) 

Have a great weekend everyone; stay safe and healthy.

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