In 2018, I kind of lost my love of beauty buying. There are so many products being released on a daily basis, some are overhyped, some are items we've seen so many times before -- truthfully, it got a little overwhelming. I was overwhelmed by everything in my collection and needed a break.

However, that doesn't mean that I stopped buying altogether. I definitely found new favorites through my shopping endeavours but I also found some duds.

I think it's important to look back at items you've purchased and see what worked and what didn't. If you know what you like, that's an easy task. If not and you're more indecisive, choosing what didn't work can be a little more difficult. I find myself somewhere in the middle.

I want to like everything I purchase but sometimes, they just don't work for me. Whether it's a texture or color thing, or if I had an allergic reaction, I'm semi-good at knowing immediately when something doesn't work for me. I'm also pretty good at returning the things I absolutely hate.

The last time I did a post like this was in August 2016. I've disliked a lot of beauty products since then and I figured it was time to lay it all out there.

*A note on the last post: I said I didn't like the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation & Concealer. I actually got these again somehow and I completely changed my mind. I am obsessed with this foundation and concealer now. The foundation I still have, the concealer I went through a while ago. Maybe I will do another post on this but just wanted to say it's possible to change your mind about products!  

Products That Didn't Work

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Fenty Gloss Bomb

Everyone has been obsessed with this lipgloss since it was released but I just got around to picking it up. They say it's to most amazing lipgloss they have ever tried and I have to strongly disagree. This was the stickiest gloss I've tried in a while and it made my lips feel utterly gross. I haven't had this negative of a feeling about a beauty product in a long time. It was thick, heavy, and so sticky. I felt like it was 2000 and I was putting a lip smackers on my lips, and not in a good way.

If you want a nonsticky lipgloss, try the Laura Geller Nude Kisses or Bite Beauty French Press Lipgloss.

Ouai Son of a Beach

I included Son of a Beach in my June Beauty Favorites but that was extremely premature. I thought I liked this but it really was dumb on my part. It did nothing to my hair and that could just be because my hair is too dark for it to work. I returned it because it definitely was an impulse purchase and pretty useless to me. 

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Shampoo

I love Briogeo as a brand and I've loved every product I've ever tried from them... until now. I was dealing with a really bad dry scalp (as usual) and was desperate for something new to help me. I figured a Briogeo Scalp Shampoo was the right choice... I was wrong. I used this shampoo twice and it made my hair feel disgusting. My hair was incredibly knotty, greasy, and it did nothing for my scalp. I'm glad I only bought a mini size but I was so disappointed that it didn't work! 

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm

Bite Beauty is one of my favorite lip brands and the Agave Lip Balm is one of their most famous, well-known products. I tried this out at the beginning of 2018 or end of 2017 and I tried to love it, but I just didn't. It irritated my lips and was so thick, it didn't glide on as easily as other lip balms. I felt like I had to press hard on my lips to get a good swipe and that is not how a lip balm should be.

If you want a hydrating, easy to glide lip balm, try the MILK Kush Lip Balm or Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.  

Marc Jacobs Enamored Lipgloss in Sugar Sugar

Oh boy... this one has me HEATED! Similar to the hype around the Fenty Gloss Bomb, everyone and their mother raves about the Marc Jacobs Lipglosses, specifically the shade "Sugar Sugar". I've been intrigued by them for years but never purchased; thankfully, I was able to get a deluxe sample from Sephora with a purchase last year and I was so excited! I couldn't wait to finally be part of the "Sugar Sugar" club... my experience was horrible. Why does everyone like this gloss? It was goopy, patchy, and so sticky! I threw it in the garbage after one use because I never wanted it near my lips again.

What are the beauty products you've purchased that didn't work for you? Share in the comments below!

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