New Years is my least favorite holiday of all time. I would rather celebrate anything other than New Year's Eve. I chalk it up to never having plans and feeling too pressured to have fun -- it just isn't my ideal night.

However, last year I had a great New Years in with some friends and it changed my perspective. If I could have a night in with my friends, in comfortable clothes, eating junk food and watching TV I'm set.

I think a night in on New Year's Eve is perfection and you could have a ton of fun, without spending hundreds of dollars at a restaurant, being in a crowded bar with people you don't know, and no uncomfortable clothes needed. I would rather spend my final moments of 2018 surrounded by friends and comfortable space than anywhere else.

However, you can definitely spruce up your night and make it festive and fancy.

Fashion & Beauty

It's no secret that I love to remain comfortable so on a New Year's night in, that is essential. Throw on a fun, festive graphic tee with leggings and then add so much SPARKLE. Wear your sparkly, fancy rings and big earrings to really make it feel like New Year's. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw in a big fur coat, pearls, and pajamas.

I'll be wearing my 'I'll Be There in a Prosecco' Shirt I grabbed from Target last year, my white faux fur J.Crew coat and a rose gold Kate Spade pearl necklace.

In the beauty department, don't skimp on the glitter. Just because you'll be sitting on the couch doesn't mean you shouldn't look your NYE best! Go heavy on the glitter eyeshadow, the Champagne Pop highlighter (because what other highlighter are you wearing on NYE?) and a red lip!

Treat Bar

Set up a little area with food, drinks, and snacks to make it feel a little more like a party; plus, you can adorn it with New Years Eve props and decorations. I imagine black and gold confetti, 2019 balloons and photo props, and pretty champagne flutes. Throw in some Sugarfina Champagne Bears and other alcohol candy for extra cuteness and sweetness. 

All the Champagne

Champagne is my favorite part of life. I love to drink it, I love how fancy it makes me feel and I love how gorgeous it is. It is by far my favorite part of New Year's Eve. I love champagne accessories and decor; everything from jewelry to phone cases to makeup bags. Nowadays, everyone is jumping on the champagne train so I'm very happy about that because there is so much more available.

Don't forget a few card games, a TV to watch the ball drop, and delicious food and desserts!

I hope you all have a safe, beautiful and lovely night ringing in 2019!


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