Last week I posted my 'How I Purchase Pre-Loved Luxury' guide but now, I think it's a good idea to talk about how I purchase off eBay.

I mentioned in that post that eBay is my favorite place to shop for pre-loved luxury items, mostly because you can get the most bang for your buck, you're super protected if anything goes wrong, and I've learned how to shop there.

At first, I was apprehensive about shopping on eBay because you hear horror stories and mostly because eBay has a reputation for not being reliable. That is so not true! eBay has come such a long way and if you know how to shop the site, you'll have a great experience!

How to Shop on eBay

Pay attention to people's ratings

If someone has a 0% rating do not buy from them! Especially if the price + product looks too good to be true. I've come across so many good deals only to see that someone has a nonexistent rating and that usually means its a fake account.

Go with your gut

If something doesn't look right about a listing or a bag, get it authenticated. There are so many online authenticators that cost $5 and are very trusted in the luxury community. You can send them the link and within 24 hours you have written proof if something is real or fake.

Use Paypal

I always use Paypal when shopping on eBay and try to use it wherever I shop if it's an option. eBay protects its buyers very well so if something goes wrong, you can get your money back but I just feel like Paypal adds that extra layer of protection.

It's not just luxury

Yes, I mostly use eBay for luxury items from Louis Vuitton but I've gotten so many amazing deals on contemporary brands like Kate Spade and Tory Burch. When I want something that isn't available in stores anymore or just wants a deal on, I turn to eBay. I just got my new Kate Spade mini backpack from eBay for around 50% off the retail price and it was new with tags! If you want to try your hand at eBay buying, try something less expensive and less of an investment! 

eBay Authenticators

eBay has made strides in the past year or so to offer the best of the best to their customers and to earn your trust in the buying process. That's why they've introduced eBay Authenticators which provides you with certified authentic handbags. eBay has authenticated all the bags so you can purchase safely knowing everything is real -- no guessing games here! You aren't dealing with individual sellers but eBay themselves so it provides an extra layer of safety which is great. If you're iffy about buying from eBay, try the Authenticators because it's similar to buying from sites like Fashionphile and The Real Real.

Have you ever purchased anything from eBay? What was your experience?
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