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I have always loved being a girl and I am so proud of the woman I have grown into. I directly relate that to my environment and my surroundings; I was always taught to stand on my own two feet, to be strong and believe in yourself.

As I’ve gotten older and more involved in the world, I’ve learned that women around the world do not have the same opportunities that I have had, and do not have control over the many simple aspects of their lives.

One of those aspects is the subject of sexual health and ownership of your body. We, as women, are mature enough to make the decisions that are right for us; I know that I am and that I’m very passionate about being in control of my life *I am a control freak by nature so it’s no surprise that I would want to take control of my sexual wellness and health*

I’m very proud that big companies and organizations, like Vagisil®, believe in that same message and give all women the opportunity to make those choices.

Vagisil® has been a brand that I’ve known about since I was a young girl and now I’m realizing how much of a powerhouse they really are in the area of vaginal health and wellness. For over 40 years, they have been shameless about our vaginal health and have always provided solutions to us, no matter what it is.

I’m proud to partner with Vagisitoday to bring you some more information about being charged and being prepared for your own sexual wellness and health.

Did you know that 1-in-2 women may need emergency contraception at some point in her life? That is a HUGE number, and truthfully, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Do not panic, do not fret because Vagisil® is there to help with their new emergency contraception product:

Preventeza is one tablet, one dose emergency contraceptive that helps stop a pregnancy before it starts. It’s the same ingredients as a regular birth control pill, just a stronger dosage. You should take it within the first 72 hours after unprotected sex or birth control failure, to help prevent the pregnancy before it starts.

It can be an emotional journey to decide to take an emergency contraceptive pill but you know yourself, you know your body and you know the decisions you need to make in order to live a happy, healthy life.

If you want to try Preventeza and always be prepared instead of panicked, buy one, get one free!  You can also find out more information about Preventeza and Vagisil® by going to their website.


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