Fall fashion is definitely my favorite all year! While I do love winter, there is just something so fresh and beautiful about fall colors and not having to bundle up.

I love how Fall fashion looks in photos and how it just seamlessly comes together, no matter what you're wearing. You could be head to toe athleisure or dressed to the nines and everything looks gorgeous.

My queen and Fall fashion inspiration is definitely Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing -- she does it RIGHT and I try to emulate her but she is untouchable.

I'm trying a few different things this season -- more sweaters, more jeans, and more stylish shoes. I want to feel my best and still be stylish. I figured I'd round up some of my favorite items to wear this season and give you some of my top picks within those categories!


There is nothing I love more than a stylish yet comfortable sweater. The beauty about sweaters, to me at least, is that you can dress them up or down. You can wear one on a date night, or to a family event or to work. It just depends on how you style them. There is nothing that screams Fall more than a sweater and I definitely have found my favorites over the years. J.Crew and Nordstrom are among my favorite stores to get stylish, good quality sweaters - but really, when don't I shop at J.Crew and Nordstrom! 

Cozy Sweatshirts

You know how much I love my graphic tees for the spring and summer, but that love doesn't go away when the weather gets cold. Sweatshirts, whether they're plain and simple, or have a fun saying are still in style. I love lounging in them on the weekends to make myself feel slightly more pulled together (instead of laying around in pajamas all day) and they're great if you're having a girls night in.

If you REALLY want a cozy, fun sweatshirt head over to BBXCollection! I was just named as a brand ambassador and I'm obsessed with her sweatshirts. I have the Coffee and Mascara one and it is so soft on both the inside and outside, without making me too hot. She has the cutest sayings so I highly recommend.

Use the code BRIANA15 for 15% off your order :) 
*the code is case sensitive so make sure you're typing it in all caps!

Teddy Bear Coats

Teddy Bear Coats are having a MOMENT and I'm all about it. They've slowly been creeping up in style over the past two seasons but this year, they are making a statement. The great thing about teddy bear coats is that they are so cozy and so warm. When you look at them, you probably only see something casual but with the right accessories and the right outfit, you can definitely dress it up a little bit. I haven't gotten my hands on a coat yet but I'm planning on it!


The mule obsession is going NOWHERE. I thought we hit peak mule last year but nope, we have not. I had this pair from Target last year that I wore only a few times because my sister stole them (!!!) but this year, my mom gave me a pair of patent leather Franco Sarto mules that she was going to get rid of and I am obsessed! I definitely need to invest in another pair before the weather gets too cold to wear them and I only live in my boots and booties. 

Here are a few other Fall must-haves in my book!

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