Does anyone else feel drained and defeated by the time Thursday night comes? I just feel like I can't do anything on a Thursday night; mostly because I'm anticipating Friday and the weekend and because I worked all week and I'm just over it.

That's how I feel right now and it took everything for me to sit at my desk and get some work done. I have a long weekend ahead of me because on Monday I'm getting a procedure done on my leg. I had a mole that had to be removed and the dermatologist wants me to go back in so they could cut the scar open and get the rest of the mole out from underneath my skin (sorry if you're squeamish!).

The type of mole I have is benign so there is nothing to worry about but I've never had any type of procedure; I've never even been in the hospital so I'm really scared about that aspect of it. I'll give you an update next week when it's all over!

Otherwise, I'm all tired out so let's get into some other things:

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Links I Loved

So, if you haven't noticed, I completely changed the layout of the blog. I do this a lot -- way more than other bloggers and I know exactly why. I get very bored, very easily. That's why I'm always buying new things, always changing my room and redecorating -- it's why I've never minded moving so many times. 

I get bored with my blog layout a lot and I'm always looking to improve. I'm actually very happy with this layout right now.

I changed the logo at the top to something smaller and classier; I added a top navigation bar with drop-down menus and added my shop page so you can always shop my favorites! 

My social media accounts are also at the top of my page, to make them easier to find and also to clear up some space on my sidebar. I'm just so excited about this layout and it's really exactly what I've always wanted. 

My blog layout is never custom; I get them from this Etsy shop and install them myself. I think that it is a fine thing to do, and I don't really mind if someone else on the Internet has the same or similar blog layout that I do. 

I hope you enjoy the new layout/set up! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! 

What I Bought

I've actually been doing amazing at not shopping but I did pick up some clothes because I am so sick of everything in my closet. Plus, I lost a lot of weight, nothing fits and I just need new things.

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