For the past few months I have been unimpressed with Kate Spade's new collections. If you didn't know, Kate Spade releases a new collection every month and because I pay attention so closely to the brand, I could pinpoint the exact day when the new arrivals will come up on the website. 

I never said I was normal.

Usually during the summer I steer away from Kate Spade because their collections from June-August never really intrigue me. I think I'm just so drawn to the fall & winter seasons that whenever something is summer themed, I want no part of it.

At the beginning of August, Kate Spade released the start of their Fall 2018 collection and I have fallen in love with so many things. Surprisngly, I didn't love any of the handbags but more of the jewelry, accessories, and athleisure.

There is so much athleisure in Kate Spade's new arrivals and I'm obsessed with it all. UGH I love athleisure and will probably do more posts on it for the Fall.

Below are all the Kate Spade new arrivals that are currently on my wishlist! 

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