Well, I made it to a milestone I never thought I would.

I completeled 1 year on Weight Watchers and I'm down 25 pounds.

*I was down 28 but gained 3 pounds back within the past 2 weeks. It's very discouraging but I'm doing my best.

When I started Weight Watchers last year I don't really know what I was expecting. I just knew that I had looked at myself in a bathing suit and had a breakdown. I was ready to lose the weight, to commit to something and better myself.

Me in May 2017

I wasn't sure if I could stick to it but I was determined to at least try; once I started losing weight, I was shocked at how proud of myself I was. I was shocked at how happy I was from seeing the number on the scale decreased.

October 2017

December 2017
I was very strict with myself for the first 3-4 months and then my birthday and Christmas rolled around and that strictness went out the window. Then the Freestyle program threw a wrench in my system and I was discourgaged.

For a solid 3 months I didn't lose any weight, or gain any but I was very hard on myself and kind of stopped trying. I was still counting points but I was cheating and eating things without counting them; skimming on the measurements and eating candy and chocolate that went uncounted in my app.

I saw that I was able to maintain my weight by cheating so I figured it was ok. Then, all of a sudden I dropped a few pounds and was ready to get motivated again.

I started following all different Weight Watchers accounts on Instagram, meal prepping, and really taking hold of the program again. This was only a few weeks ago and I dropped four pounds. I got cocky again and gained 3 back so we're at square one.

This week was a fresh start and I've been meal prepping and haven't cheated. I'm determined to get to the 30 pound mark, and then the 40 pound mark and the 50. I want to keep going until I'm happy with myself.

I can say that I am much happier with myself today than I was a year ago. I've never committed to a diet/lifestyle change in my life and the fact that I completed my first year with a 25 pound lost and haven't gained any of it back is incredible.

Every day is a struggle because I crave everything from crossisants to chocolate. I can definitely eat those things but then I'm left with no points and I'll be starving. I'm trying to make good choices without restricting myself so much to the point that I want to binge.

I still give myself a cheat day (usually Fridays after I weigh in) and treat myself to a crossistant (that's honestly all I care about ... crossistants LOL) but it's all about balance.

If I could just get back on track, meal prep and work out the way I was when I first started this I think I could make great progress in the next few months.

Here's to one year on Weight Watchers and a strong journey ahead!

*If you want to learn more about weight watchers, I have an article coming out soon about it. I also wrote this article a few months ago for Popsugar. You can also see all my Weight Watchers posts from the blog here. 

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