I feel like I usually don't play into super trendy fashion; I've always kind of walked to the beat of my own drum and would only participate in a trend if I liked it. There are people that will wear something only because it's trending but I don't put myself in that category.

For example, a few years ago, kimonos were super in and I loved the look and idea of them so I've been wearing them nonstop since. I'm happy that they're still super trendy this summer. The same could be said for leggings and graphic tees. They're pieces of clothing that I always loved and would wear them even if they weren't 'in' but since they are in style, wearing them is more acceptable.

There are trends that I would never touch -- like the ugly sneaker trend. I don't care if it's what everyone is wearing, I don't like the way it looks.

However, there is one current trend that I never thought I'd be into and I feel like a lot of people aren't, but I cannot get enough. It's a little odd and the definition of trendy but it's so fun.


PVC is the 'clear' trend that you've been seeing on everyone from KKW to your favorite fashion blogger. It seemed very weird at first -- why wear something CLEAR? What was the point? However, I think it can be done really great, especially with PVC shoes. My mom always wore shoes like this growing up and I'm excited to see the trend being relevant again.

Another great way to rock the PVC trend without being over the top? HANDBAGS.

This was pioneered by Chanel and their $3,000+ colored PVC bag -- soon after, there were replicas all over Amazon and everyone was scooping them up.

Including moi.

I picked up two different styles from Amazon for less than $20; a colorful one similar to the Chanel bag and a regular clear bag with black trim.

I haven't used the colorful one yet but I have been obsessed with the black one. It's so easy, so cool and I feel effortlessly chic when I wear it. I'm excited to finally particpate in a trend that is silly but that a lot of people are rocking.

Some may say 'clear bags? No way! Everyone can see my stuff" which is very true but if you conceal everything and are safe with where you're going, a PVC bag is the best summer accessory.

It's really cute to be able to show off your adorable wallets, makeup pouches, etc through the clear material but also, it just screams summertime. It's carefree, easy and a no fuss bag. It doesn't matter if you get caught in the rain, if you get some sand in/on it -- it's easy to take care of.

It's also perfect for baseball games (or any sporting event) because it's easy for security to check out what you're packing.

I recently brought one of my PVC bags to a Mets game and the security guard was jumping for joy so you're welcome, sir.

I don't recommend investing in the $3,000 Chanel bag, or any bag priced over $30 because you know this trend will be out as fast as it came in but if you're feeling like you want to rock it, head to Amazon and pick yourself up one of these fun bags. You won't regret it!

Are you in on the PVC bag trend?

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