Right now I'm dealing with a really bad bout of anxiety. I don't know what it is but I've had it for the past two days and I can't shake it. I've tried to busy myself with organizing, cleaning, and cooking. I binge watched Riverdale on Sunday (again), tried to check things off a to-do list and even took a nap.

*I'm writing this on Monday*

Yesterday I woke up with crippling anxiety and I couldn't focus on anything. I did my hair, watched Youtube videos and I ran a few errands. I tried to write a few different blog posts and nothing would come out. That's why I decided to just ramble about the anxiety I was feeling.

I wanted to write my blog anniversary post which is tomorrow, I tried writing a beauty post that I wanted to post today, and my anxiety was so bad I just couldn't focus. I'm so anxious my hands are shaking. It hasn't been this bad in a while.

I took a break from writing this post because I had a massive anxiety attack. There were lot of tears, shortness of breath, and some screaming. Yes, screaming. Sometimes when the anxiety takes over, I can't control myself and my actions -- it's like I black out and just do whatever it is I need to do to survive. I needed to let all the toxins out and I do that by yelling through my cries.

I'm not sure what exactly triggered the anxiety attack but I do know that it was one of the worst ones and it was physically painful to go through.

I'm going to the doctor on Friday and I have to talk to her about changing my mediciation because the anxiety has been coming harder and faster lately which it shouldn't be because of my mediciation.

It's very funny that I write this now because I just submitted an article for publication about my struggle with anxiety and how I overcame it. I have overcome my daily battle in a way because the anxiety isn't always there, however I do still experience it and that is something I will struggle with forever.

Are you struggling with anxiety today? What are your remedies?
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