I'm dubbing this week graduation week because at least for my alma mater, and a few others around me it is the week of college graduation.

My sister is graduating on Friday (weird that a college graduation is on a Friday but whatever) and I know she's been experiencing the emotions I did four years ago at this time.

I can't believe that it's been four years since I graduated college and my life changed more drastically and dramatically than I ever could've imagined.

I'll do more of a catch up on Thursday, the actual 4 year anniversary of my graduation but for now, I want to give you, the graduating senior, a few tips to enjoy the last week of sweet freedom.

1. Go to all the school events: Even if you think some of the events are corny, go to everything that your school is throwing for you. Whether it's a senior BBQ, a formal, or any kind of get together, go to it. Go alone if you can't find one of your friends to go with. You will enjoy those moments and reflect on them for years to come. As important it is to be with your friends, it's important to be on campus and be with your classmates, friends or not.

2. Don't Stress About School: It's over, forget it. Don't spend too much time in the library (unless you're with your friends and having a good laugh) pouring over your books and finals. Now, that is probably not the best advice but it's good advice in the sense that you want to be making memories. You will do great on your finals and be just fine. Enjoy the last few days on campus.

3. Have real conversations: During my last week of school, I remember talking to all my friends and not about superficial things. We had real, heartfelt conversations and it really changed everything. During my last sorority meeting, all of the sisters go around and say how much the seniors mean to them, and vice versa. I had my sisters write letters to me and tell me how I changed the sorority and them. It made all the difference in my college experience and was one of my favorite moments ever. Tell your friends how much they mean to you, reminisce about the past four years, and make plans for the future. Sit around a fire, drink a beer, and enjoy the company because in a few days, it's all over.

This week is the week before you become an adult. It's the last week you have to be with your friends with no one to answer too. You're on your own, and you need to soak up every last moment. It'll be the best week of your life.

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