Ever since my junior year of college, I've been obsessed with career books and self-help books. I never thought there was anything to be embarrassed about when I was browsing the self-help section of Barnes and Noble -- there is something so wonderful about wanting to better yourself and your soul.

I think career books are so smart because they really give you a sense of purpose, and give you advice that you might not be able to get anywhere else. Reading a career book always instilled me with a sense of inspiration and aspiration. It lit a fire under my butt and really made me want to better myself through professional experiences.

When I graduated college, I knew it was time to hunker down and really get the most out of the career books made specifically for college graduates.

I still read career books and a lot of them are geared toward those looking for their first job. I knew that during this week dedicated to those about to walk across the stage to get their diploma, I needed to talk about my favorite books specifically made for YOU.

Some of these I've already talked about and some are new but either way, they are a must read!

1. I Just Graduated, Now What?: I remember during my senior year, I was laying in bed watching Jimmy Fallon and Katherine Schwarzenegger was on to promote her new book directed toward college graduates. I was intrigued and when I graduated a few weeks later, it was the first book I bought. This is definitely my number 1 book that I think everyone should read, even if you're 5 years post grad. It is incredibly inspiring and helpful and just makes you realize you're not alone. Everything you're feeling is normal and everyone else before you has experienced the same thing. It's an incredible book with advice from all your favorite celebrities. I feel like I should re-read it to find some inspiration, it was that good!

2. The Career Code: I won't go into too much detail about this one because I just wrote an indepth review about it. It was one of the more helpful career books, taking you from your first application to becoming a manager. It is the bible for anyone who wants to have a successful career and I highly recommend it. It gives you clear cut roads to take and what to do, what not to do when it comes to climbing the career ladder. It was incredible.

3. Leave Your Mark: This is a book written by Aliza Light, who was the lady behind DKNY PR Girl, one of the first major social media accounts. Because of that, this book is slightly geared toward people in the media industry but it was one of those books that I was highlighting and writing notes down from. She also released an updated verison which I really think I might pick up. It was a book that I read really quickly and felt like it really affected me. I just pulled it back out of my collection and am planning on re-reading. It's that good and that helfpul.

4. Welcome to The Real World: This is another book I've talked about before but again, it's one of the most helpful ones. It takes you through each step of adulthood and getting your first job. It was another book that I highlighted and took notes in. Lauren Berger is the Intern Queen and a really incredible resource; her advice is real, straightforward, and she never talks at you. She's all about helping and this is one of those books.

There are so many more career books out there but these are my favorites and what I found to be the most helpful in my four years post graduate. Stay tuned for more career/real world self help book reviews coming in the near future!

Happy reading!
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