I was looking at this post from early 2017 and I thoguht I'd do a little update. Most of the stuff in that bag still rings true but I've tried to downsize as much as I could, and obviously I'm using different mini accessories inside the bag.

I've been in a huge Tory Burch mood lately and was feeling my Perry Tote so that's what I'm currently using as my work bag. Sometimes I just want a classic tote to throw all my shit in and not think about it.

I don't know if I've ever talked about my Tory Burch Perry Tote but I got it late 2016/early 2017 and I have been in love with it ever since. It was a much lusted after item for me and I was thrilled when I finally splurged on it.

It's probably the tote I use the most for work because it is so squishy and comfortable to wear. This tote is really hard to come by nowadays but if you can get it off of Ebay or Tradesy, please do! It's a bag everyone should have in their collection. I said in my 'work tote' post that it has so many different uses and it's just a really comfortable bag to wear.

*Apparently the McGraw tote is taking the place of the Perry but I cannot attest to that.

*I love this tote so much I am considering getting another color on the preloved market 

Now for the rest of the work bag...

So here we have:
Kate Spade Velvet Makeup Case (similar)
Glasses case
Cream of Wheat (for breakfast)
Band Aids
Gas X
Trancsend Glucose Gel (for when my blood sugar drops)
Lilly Pulitzer headphone holder (N/A)
Henri Bendel pen case (N/A)
Henri Bendel Planner (similar)

This looks like a lot of stuff but I promise you it's not. I don't carry around nearly as much stuff as I used too, and most of the stuff is small and compact. 

Now, for what's inside my makeup bag -- this is probably what I have downsized the MOST in recent months.

Clarins Lip Oil
Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com
Excerdin Migraine
More bandaids
Evil Queen Essential Oil
Tula Handcream
Nerve Tonic
Julep Cuticle Oil
A flashdrive
InvsiBobble Hairties 

I used to keep an entire face of makeup with me but I found that it wasn't practical so I keep some makeup at work (even though I work at a beauty company).

I like to be prepared, I like to have things with me but after getting robbed and having everything stolen I learned that it's not smart to carry too many things with you, especially expensive things.

What do you keep in your work bag? Do you keep as much stuff as me or less?


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