We're back in the new year with a little-rebranded series. The Weekly Wrap Up has become the Royal Roundup and we're starting 2018 fresh with a new name and at Week 1. So far, the content will remain the same but that could change at any time.

I write this as the Bomb Cyclone is taking New York hostage. I worked from home today and good thing because my office closed at 2 PM. When I woke up this morning, the weather didn't seem as bad as the news made it seem but as the hours ticked on, it was obvious that the storm was probably worse than anyone thought.

The winds are intense, the visibility was horrible, and everything was just out of whack. I stayed indoors all day but had a bit of a stressful situation because my mom went to work early this AM and then got stuck in the car for 5 hours. A gas truck was stuck in the snow and she was behind it... it took a very long time for it to get cleared and it was just very nerve-wracking.

She made it home safely so that's what really matters.

The first week of 2018 was pretty good; I was super busy/stressed at work but it was refreshing, and we had a snowstorm so I got to stay home. I'm planning on keeping it lowkey, as usual, this weekend as the temperatures dip to 20 below 0; I'll probably go to the gym, do some writing, some blogging, and other work, as per usual.

I also want to make a trip to Trader Joe's to get some Everything Bagel Seasoning because I just can't go another day without trying it.

I did well with shopping this week too -- I didn't buy anything! However, I do need to restock up on candles so we'll see how the weekend goes!

Here are the links I loved this week:

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Stay safe & warm this weekend everyone!
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