This is it! We're two days before Christmas (I'm Italian so our real Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve) and I cannot wait. I'm off from work and in the true spirit of the season. I started baking last night, I have a Christmas party with my friends tonight, I still have gifts to wrap and tomorrow is a marathon of cooking and baking.

I can't wait to paint my nails red, throw on red lipstick and be festive AF!

This week was a long one... just waiting for Thursday to be over so I can be off for a week and a half. I have some plans but mostly I want to just relax and enjoy my days... and also hit the gym every day (we'll see about that).

I have another Weight Watchers post coming up since they changed the program and boy do I have some thoughts! But let's worry about that after the holidays, shall we?

Next week is all about the best of 2017 and I have some exciting posts planned. As for my December Favorites, I may film a video for that instead of a post since my calendar is booked next week.

For now, I will stop rambling and share my links of the week!

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy this time with your loved ones!

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