I say it every year but I hate/despise New Year's Eve. I think it's overrated and an excuse to get drunk and I just can't be bothered with it.

This year I actually had plans with my friends but then woke up this morning with the worst cold ever so I'm staying local with a few friends.

Aside from the actual party theme of New Years, I enjoy the idea of a fresh start. Ever since I turned 25 last month I have been feeling like I'm on the verge of change... big change so I'm nervous and excited to see what the year holds.

I've already made a few big changes this year (i.e Weight Watchers) but I really hope 2018 brings more and better change.

That being said, I have been really into the idea of trying to make the year good before it even starts... I'm talking about New Year's Eve superstitions.

I've always been a sort of superstitious person; never putting your shoes on the table, salt over the shoulder... just the usual ones. There are a bunch of old wives tales about what you should and shouldn't do on New Year's Eve & Day and this year, I'm going to do them all.

I mean, what's the harm? I always have a shitty year without doing them so maybe if I actually do them, it'll somehow work? I've been very into astrology, moonscopes, and all things spiritual and healing for the second half of the year so this is right up my alley.

I did a little research and these are just a few simple superstitions to take today.

1. Change your sheets: I already did this and I try to do it every year but starting the year with clean sheets is supposed to bring good luck... it's also a little more sanitary! (LOL)

2. Open the doors and windows at midnight: This is supposed to let out all the evil spirits and helps you ring the in the new year with good vibes.

3. Make a lot of noise: Ever wonder why we set off fireworks, bang pots & pans, and have noisemakers? This is also to ward off evil spirits to ensure a good year!

4. Write your wishes down & burn them: This isn't something that is specific to New Years, it's always been an old wives tale to burn your deepest desires to let them out into the universe. It's just an extra bonus to do it on NYE.

5. Don't throw anything away: On New Year's Day, nothing should leave the house (that isn't going to come back in) and don't throw anything away. This means don't shake out a rug, don't donate clothes, don't even take the trash out. The year shouldn't start with subtracting from the home before you add to it.

Do you believe in superstitions? Will you be doing any of these good luck charms?

Happy 2018 everyone!
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