I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones -- I sure did! It was a wild few days and I am for sure exhausted. I napped the past few days for hours at a time and I think I may be getting sick... this isn't a surprise because I did way too much and I always get sick this time of year. It doesn't help that there is a huge cold front in New York this week.

We had Christmas Eve at my house and I spent Saturday and Sunday getting ready for it. I baked up a storm and I'm regretting not taking enough photos of the house and my cooking. I baked a cake, three types of cookies, and chocolate covered Oreos -- it was days filled with sweets and I loved it!

I'm off all week and I can't wait to relax, plan for 2018 and get some stuff done. Tomorrow starts my 'week' of posts for the 'Best of 2017' series so stay tuned for that tomorrow!

For now, I filmed a video of what I got for Christmas this year so make sure you watch that ;)

I'll see you all tomorrow for regular blog posts!
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