I was never the hat, glove, scarf kind of girl growing up. I didn't like them and felt they were too bothersome. Now that I'm older and realize the importance of being warm while commuting to and from work, I cannot get enough of these items.

When I realized that they were extra accessories that I could make fancy and chic, I was even more inclined to own and make use of them.

Clearly, my favorite cold weather accessories come from my girl Kate Spade but J.Crew Factory & Aerie have some adorable items too.

I've been loving a headband from J.Crew --it's not as warm as a hat but I feel like a true fashionista whenever I have it on. I feel like it can dress up any outfit and make it look like you're trying just a bit more. It's not available anymore but you can find a similar one here.

My mom bought this 'Hello Gorgeous' Kate Spade hat for my birthday and I've been loving it. The pom pom detail is very trendy and I love the hot pink color since I don't wear that much color as it is.

Below are a few other of my favorite picks for the cold weather -- I especially love a good tech glove (I got a pair of Kate Spade ones during their surprise sale) and I've had this pair of UGG ear muffs for close to 10 years and they're still holding up beautifully.   
What are your favorite winter accessories this year?
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