This can be the brunch lover or the Champagne lover because I am both and as far as I'm concerned, brunch & champs go hand in hand.

My drink of choice is now a mimosa and I can always go for a glass of Champagne whether it's morning, noon, or night.

I think the reason I love brunch so much is that I like day drinking, food, my friends, and being able to come home early. I hate going out at night to a bar... who decided that it was a good idea to go out at 10 PM and come home at 2 or 3? I'd much rather kill a day and come home at 5 or 6 PM. At least you have the rest of the night to relax or do something, that is if you're not too drunk.

Brunch has really become a phenomenon in recent years and there is so much fun, brunch themed items. None of these are really big ticket items but are fun little gifts to get your friends or put in someone's stocking.


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