Beauty and books are the two things I religiously review here so it was easy to put them in their own category for 'best of 2017'.

This post is all about my ultimate favorites of the year... the items I couldn't live without and just loved to the moon and back.

These are the items that made 2017 a standout year, the items that I used the most, the items I talked about the most and the ones I just couldn't get enough of!

1. Kate Spade Olive Drive Bridgette: When I saw this item in late summer, I knew it was a bag that had to be mine. I can say that this was my favorite purchase of the year, my favorite handbag of the year for sure. I bought it off Ebay because $400 was just a little too much for me and the leather on the 'older' version is pebbled but I love it all the same. It's a bag that can be an everyday bag or a work bag; it's chic, roomy, and very comfortable. It's the ultimate bag for any gal!

2. Evil Queen Candles: These candles (and essential oils) took over my life in 2017. I loved them at the end of 2016 but this was the year I had them for every season. These are the candles that I burned in the Spring & Summer and really made me a 'candle' person all year round. I love that they're a small company, that they're handmade candles, and how sassy the brand is. Also, Ida Sofia (the owner) is the sweetest person ever. She really cares about her customers and even sent me my favorite essential oil (free of charge) after my bag got stolen.

3. Louis Vuitton Cosmetics Pouch: This was the year of the pre-loved items and my favorite was by far my Louis Vuitton Cosmetics Pouch in the multi-color noir. The exact color is no longer available from LV but you can find it on the pre-loved market. However, I really loved this pouch. It's high quality (obvi) and held everything I could ever need. It made me so happy to use it and have it displayed in my room, it was just such a good purchase!

4. Weight Watchers: This isn't a tangible object but this was the highlight of the 2nd half of the year for me. I've lost 23 pounds (the holidays are kicking my butt) on Weight Watchers and I truly never thought that was possible. It has changed my life and really made me happier than I ever have been. I am so proud of myself that 2017 was the year I finally decided to take control of my body and Weight Watchers helped me do that.

What were your favorite products of 2017?
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