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If you know me, you know that I love television. I am never without the TV on, and even if I'm watching Youtube videos, the TV is on in the background. Even though it's not good, I also sleep with my television on and I don't know how I will ever kick that bad habit.

I've always been that way; my mom and I were actually just talking about the fact that I grew up with a television in my room, and it was just something that was ok in our house. Occasionally, we even had the TV in the kitchen (my grandma still has a TV in the kitchen) -- we are just a TV family.

Even if I'm constantly running around during the week, and then coming home at night and blogging or writing for another site, I always make sure that I catch up on my favorite shows. TV is just part of my life and it's not something I'm willing to sacrifice.

My typical day starts out with my commute to work on the subway, and then I'm at work from 9-5. I get back on the train to journey home and then once I get home, it's usually a mix of dinner, shower, hair and nails, some writing and blogging and then I settle down to watch TV in my bed.

In between dinner, showering, doing my hair and nails, writing and blogging, the TV is on so I do get some catch-up time but once I'm settled in and I can devote all my attention to one thing, it's usually television.

I'm always recording things on my DVR and watching them on the weekends, or my new favorite thing to do is to catch up on movies and shows on HBO Now.

I was always a lover of HBO and I guess I owe that to my main chick, Carrie Bradshaw.

When I was younger, I always knew that I would have to be 'older' to watch HBO because my parents loved watching The Sopranos and my mom loved Sex and the City. When I was finally old enough to embark on my own HBO journey, I was ecstatic.

As HBO became bigger and better, I started watching more shows: Girls, Big Little Lies and True Detective are my top favorites. Plus HBO has all the best movies that you can't find anywhere else. I mean, if I want to watch La La Land, Serendipity (the best Christmas movie), or Fantastic Beasts they have it.

HBO NOW is the best because it has everything and anything you'd ever want to watch. It has every episode of every HBO show and every documentary as well as having the best and biggest movies (like La La Land) before they're available anywhere else.

Clearly, my favorite thing to catch up on the HBO NOW app is Sex and the City. No matter where I am, I can get a fix of Carrie Bradshaw. It's perfect because SATC has always been my go-to whenever I'm feeling down or need a little inspiration, so whenever I need that boost, my girls are there.

The best thing about HBO NOW is that you truly can watch it anywhere. The app on both my iPhone and iPad gets a workout, especially on my commute *thank you unlimited data*. Sex and the City makes the subway rides go much faster and brightens up my mood.

What I am going to take full advantage of now that I have HBO NOW? Binge watching shows I haven't been caught up on, like Game of Thrones.

Everyone and their mother has been talking about GOT and I think it's time I try my hand at it. Thankfully HBO NOW has the entire series so I'll be all caught up in no time *maybe...*

If you're a TV lover, I highly recommend looking into HBO NOW; it just makes life a little easier and a little more fun.

If you're in college, go to you to see if your school has free HBO GO on campus; if your school isn't available, go to for a discount!

What's your favorite HBO Show?
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