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Even though I recently lost 20+ pounds on Weight Watchers, my lifestyle is far from 'healthy'. I still don't eat too many fruits & vegetables and I haven't gotten on board with clean eating.

Despite all of that, one aspect of my life where I have found to be easy and seamless to go organic and clean is through feminine care products.

YUP, I'm talking about tampons.

Truth be told, I only started using tampons about 4 years ago because I was terrified. I had read too many articles in CosmoGirl when I was a tween/teen about Toxic Shock Syndrome and swore off tampons the moment I got my first period.

When I started using tampons, I used one specific type and didn't think much about using anything else. Then, this wellness craze took over the world and we all realized that what is in our tampons is probably not the safest for our bodies.

Once I read up on the importance of organic tampons I knew it was a switch I was willing to make.

*Even if you don't care about the bodily importance of an organic tampon, it's better for the earth and is just as useful as recycling your water bottle.

I mean, no one should be putting chlorine directly into their bodies once a month. That just doesn't sound safe or sanitary. All of the chemicals in our feminine care products are doing damage that we cannot see so it's hard to really imagine the dangers, but it's a change that you can make very easily. You aren't really changing anything about your lifestyle... just using a different brand.

I have to suggest Seventh Generation who has been making organic feminine care products for over 10 years. They were always a front-runner in making sure women knew exactly what was in the products they were putting into their body every month. They have nothing to hide because they're using good for you materials to make their products.

All the tampons are free of chlorine processing, fragrances, and deodorants which I can really appreciate because my skin is super sensitive. They're also hypoallergenic which is just an added bonus for everyone.

Seventh Generation's Organic Tampons have a smooth, BPA free plastic applicator so it'll feel like your regular tampon applicators; they're also made with 95% plant-based materials and no petroleum-based sources (which ew!) so they're safe for the planet as well.

You can find these tampons at your local Target, and they come in regular and super so you will not have a problem with any of that stuff.

Going organic with your feminine care products is better for you, and better for the earth!

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