Becca is a newer brand on the beauty scene.. if 2001 is newer to you, but it really flourished back in 2014/2015 if I do say so myself.

It was a brand that was known for their highlighters, most noteworthy Opal. They've since branched out with other products but in their heart of hearts, I think they always stay true to their heritage as a highlight brand. They are always releasing new highlighters in limited edition colors and designs, and combining different highlighter colors to make a new one.

What I'm saying is that Becca Cosmetics has a lot of highlighters and pretty much have something for everyone, but they do have other great non highlighter products too.

I've been using Becca since 2015 and have used a lot of their products so I figured it was time for a Brand Buzz and time to give you my favorite products.

1. Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop: Opal is no longer the most famous highlighter in the universe; it was overtaken when Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Becca and released this gorgeous golden Champagne highlighter. It is by far my favorite highlighter and I have it in 4 separate forms (the original compact, the Jaclyn Hill Face Palette, the poured version, and the Slimlight. It is a gorgeous champagne gold that looks good on everyone. The formula is creamy and smooth but applies really nicely. It's just a great shade and I recommend everyone buying it.

2. Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Champagne Pop: I love cream products so when my favorite Becca shade was released in their cream formula, I jumped on it. It's the best cream highlighter formula I've ever tried because it's not too powerful in pigment but still packs a punch. It's also very easy to apply whether with a duo-fiber brush or your fingers. I love, love, LOVE this shade in the cream highlighter version.

3. Mineral Blush in Wild Honey: I love nothing more than a warm, neutral blush and Wild Honey is THAT perfect color. The formula is super soft, pigmented but not too pigmented so it doesn't get messy. It applies perfectly and smoothly on the skin and blends out really well too. This is a blush that I go with whenever I don't know which blush to wear and it always comes through.

4. Aqua Luminous Foundation: This is the only foundation I've ever really finished and I was just reminded at how much I loved it when I sat down to write this post. It's a very watery, liquid based foundation so it feels so good and light on the skin. From what I remember it's a medium coverage and blended out really well with a beautyblender. I also liked that it was a luminous foundation because my dry skin responded very well to it.

5. First Light Priming Filter: I don't know if I've ever loved a primer this much. I used it a lot when I first got it but then like most of us, I got bored but rediscovered it recently. I've been religiously using it for the past month and my goodness, I forgot why I loved it so much. It is one of the few primers that makes my makeup look really good all day long. Everything blends out really smoothly and evenly over it and I just LOVE IT. I highly recommend getting this over the original primer and Sephora has it in a mini size.

Honorable Mention: I LOVE my Jaclyn Hill face palette & eyeshadow palette (I was one of the few that had a good batch of shadow palettes and opted to keep it) but you can't get either of them anymore but I wanted to mention!

Also, I've been loving the Apres Ski Glow palette they just released for the holidays! I highly recommend getting this palette this season.

Below are the items on my Becca wishlist!

What do you love from Becca Cosmetics? 

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