I'm writing this from the comfort of my bedroom on Monday morning because I took the day off from work. As fun as my weekend was, it was exhausting. I drove to, from, and around Boston so it was a lot.

We arrived to Boston around 2:30 PM on Friday and took a little nap in the hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Suites in Cambridge and it was perfectly fine. It wasn't anything fancy or insanely nice but the room was big, clean, and cozy. The hotel staff was nice and courteous so to me, it was a nice stay.

Friday night, went to the Boston Burger Company for dinner in Cambridge. I've been wanting to go to this place for years because they have super aggressive burgers, and it was everything I imagined. I ordered the Killer Bee which was bacon, cheese, onion rings, and BBQ sauce -- it was insaely delicious.

Afterwards, we walked around Harvard Square, went to a few bookstores, walked around Harvard's campus and just enjoyed the nice night. I was asleep by 10:30 because I was exhausted from the drive and we had an early day on Saturday.

On Saturday, we started out in the Back Bay which I think was my favorite part of the entire trip. It seems like the heart of Boston and was everything I thought it would be; so many cute shops, restuarants, and cafes-- it was awesome.

For Brunch we went to The Beehive and it was adorable -- probably my favorite restuarant I went to on this trip. It had a very 1920s/New Orelans vibe with a jazz band and dim lighting. I got Short Rib Hash with egg whites and it was divine. Add a mimosa and a coffee and you've got the perfect brunch!

Afterwards, I wanted to go to Kate Spade (of course) and it was the cutest little shop. Newbury Street was filled wtih adrorable double decker stores and I was obsessed. I got to try on some bags I've been eyeing and picked up a new phone case.

After Kate Spade, we went into the Lilly Pulitzer store which was having an awesome sale and I picked up this shirt which I've been eyeing for a while. Shopping portion of the trip? Complete!

We walked around Back Bay more, went to the Public Garden Park (I think that was the name) and it was incredible. I've never been to Central Park (bad New Yorker, I know) but this was breathtaking. I was obsessed.

After this little excursion we headed over to the JFK Museum and Library and OMG, this was incredible. JFK and Jackie O are some of my favorite historical figures so seeing a museum dedicated to the 35th President and the First Lady that CHANGED First Ladies forever, was beyond words. I definitely think this is a must-do if you're in Boston because it's touristy without being over the top corny.

When we left the museum, we headed to the North End and grabbed a Lobster Roll (my first ever and it was SO GOOD). It was back to the hotel after this for a bit of R&R and then we headed to dinner at a very late 10 PM in South Boston at Lincoln's Tavern. I got Truffle Mac & Cheese and the vibe of the bar was pretty good and if I was in better shape (not tired and cranky) I would've really been into it. It was a super young crowd but still had a classy feel, definitely not a college bar. It was really nice.

Sunday morning we headed out early but not without breakfast at The Friendly Toast. We had tried to get into this resutarant in the Back Bay but realized there was one in Cambridge, a few minutes from our hotel and it was well worth it. The menu was super interesting, with lots of fun brunch items but I kept it simple with 1 Pancake (because it was the size of the plate) and a side of bacon.

We were on the road at 10 AM and the trip was over! It was so much fun to be in a different state and explore the city. I would 100% go back to Boston ASAP, I'd love to go in the Fall and maybe take a trip to Salem, we shall see!


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