It's that time of the year again when all of the companies are releasing their planners... it's my favorite time of year and basically my true Christmas in July experience.

When the time came to start thinking about what kind of planner I wanted this year I had a decent idea (which will be coming soon) but then I started seeing all of these other fabulous, gorgeous planners and I wanted them all.

I was in Target a few weeks ago and came across the Day Designer endcap and fell in love. Every year for the past few years I was intrigued by the Day Designer for Target, ever since I first tried a real Day Designer, the Day Designer for Target, the BlueSky Planner for Target. I never picked one up because I couldn't let go  of my Lilly Pulitzer planner. 

I did let go this year when I scored my Henri Bendel planner so I'm branching out, even though the Lilly planners this year are so gorgeous and this pineapple one is truly calling my name.

However, I had already bought my planner for the year when I saw the Day Designer but I couldn't resist. It was $7.99 and too cute for words. It's a simple, no fuss planner but makes me feel super chic at the same time.

*I can't find Day Designer on Target's website but if you go into your local store it'll be there! BlueSky also released an adorable line of planners that are online and I almost bought another one last week. 

*After some research I see that it's now Day Designer for Blue Sky and you can find all of the adorable ones here. This is the one I have and it's called the Spotted Dot planner.

I was so excited to start using this baby and was so thrilled that it started the last week in June.

For now, I'm using the Day Designer as my full time, on the go planner until my "real" planner and the original planner I bought for this year starts in August.

Day Designer for Target has a lot of different sizes, designs, and layouts but the one I have is a smaller size, smaller than the medium agenda for Lilly Pultizer and a lot lighter in weight. It has a nice soft touch cover to protect the actual paper cover, and the design I got was zebra/leopard spots (unsure what it exactly is) and I love it!

The gold spiral coil is strong yet not too tough and doesn't make the pages too tough to turn. The monthly tabs are also coated so they don't get ruined in your bag.

The Day Designer layout is a normal planner layout with a calendar view before each month and daily boxes spilt down the middle, lines on one side and a to-do list on the other. I like that it's spilt because sometimes there are things I need to write down that aren't to-dos. This way, everything is seperate and organized.

At the top of each page are "This Week's Top Three"  and this is helpful in determining what definitely needs to be done this week. This is probably one of my favorite features of the planner.

The back of the book has pages for notes, the front has a goal section, a morning and evening routine section, and a checkpoint interval with birthdays, anniversaries, schedules, etc. This isn't something I really used in my last day designer but I think I'll definitely use them this year, as I'm more intune with goals, etc.

As much as I love this planner I will be switching to the planner I planned to use originally. This will become my at-home planner.

How I organize myself is that I have my 'on the go' planner that I bring back and forth with me to work. Then I have my at home planner that is used less but still useful because I write my to-do lists and daily tasks that I need to take care of at home. Sometimes the things in both planners overlap but that's the point of having a planner with me when I'm at work, so I can write my thoughts down when I'm out.

Anyways... this planner is perfect for pretty much everyone and anyone. It's a good college planner, a good grad school planner, a good work planner, a good everyday planner -- I have nothing negative to say about it.

It's inexpensive, chic, simple, lightweight, and a wonderful alternative if you're not into designer planners that start around $35.

I can't wait to show you my other planner which will be coming soon!

What planner are you planning on using this year? Do you still use a paper planner?
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