July 28, 2016

Royally Planned: Battle of the Agendas, Lilly Pulitzer vs

If you follow me on Instagram you know which planner I already chose.

If you've been reading this blog for the past 4 years, you know which planner I chose.

This year, I thought I'd switch things up, which didn't work for me last year or the year before. When I saw that released their new and improved planners, which had a spiral binding, I knew that I would go with these this year. is known for their cute, quirky, and fun products and their planners are no different. I knew the moment I saw that these planners were released, that they would be mine.

Well, I pre-ordered this gorgeous pink rose planner in the medium size when they were released at the end of April, but didn't receive mine until mid-June.

That's fine... I was more than happy to have my planner in my possession finally. It was super cute, and I loved that it had a spiral binding. I ordered and used a planner last year but it was regular book binding and I found myself being frustrated with it, therefore around November, I ordered a Lilly one.

I was perfectly content with my cute planner, photoed here, until Lilly released their planners.

Well, I fell in love.

I needed this planner. I needed more Lilly in my life.

So I ordered the Lilly and gave the one to my sister, who was happy to have a free planner.

There are many similarities between the two planners; they're the same size, have the same calendar features, and are insanely cute. They have cute details along every single page, quirky quotes at the start of each calendar month, and they both come with stickers.

The gripe I do have is that the planner is not lined, for each week. It's just a blank box to be filled in. Lilly has lines and I much prefer that.

They both have fun pages, such as holidays and fun dates to remember. They also both include notes pages while Lilly has a place for addresses (I don't really use that) and has extra design pages with their 5x5 designs on it.

Also, the Lilly planner (in Large) is slightly bigger than the planner, which could definitely be a deal breaker. If you prefer something fun, but don't want something too big, I recommend the Lilly has a smaller size but to me, it's way too small.

All in all, I really am partial to Lilly. I like the design better, I like the layout better (even if they are similar) and I feel like it's not as outrageous as

It's all opinion here, and I just always prefer Lilly planners. It's what I'm partial to and what I'll probably always buy.

I should probably stop trying to stray from what I know & love because like a bad ex, I keep going back.

What agenda did you choose this year?