I'm someone who loves paper; books, magazines, planners, notebooks, cards, etc. I love holding an actual paper in my hands, I'm constantly printing out things I could read online or writing down lists in one of my 50 notebooks.

I've been that way forever and I've documented that many times before. School supply shopping was always my favorite and when I graduated college, I knew that shopping trip in August would be the one thing I missed most. However, I've found my way around that and I'm always adding to my ever growing collection of stationery.

I don't discriminate either; I love all kinds of paper goods from things in the dollar section at Target to my Henri Bendel planner. I actually have to stop myself from buying more notebooks on the daily because I have too many and not enough uses.

I figured it'd been a minute since I wrote about stationery and with the start of planner season around the corner, what better time than the present!

I'm going to break down my current favorites as well as some items I have my eye on!

1. Louis Vuitton Agendas: This was a big win of 2017 and I think it'll continue to be my favorite for years to come. I use two of these (I got them pre-loved for like $50 each which is a STEAL), one for my blog planner and one for miscellaneous lists. I keep them with me at all times and they are so handy because you can truly customize it.

2. Small, Hardcover Notebooks: I have so many random notebooks sitting in my drawer and they all have something in common; they have random lists in them from over the past year or so and they're all small, hardcover notebooks with adorable sayings and such. I literally had to stop myself from buying this cute marble notebook because I have about 6 of a similar size not getting enough love.

3. Whitney English: Years ago I did a post on Whitney English & The Day Designer for Target; I haven't picked one up since then but am always tempted each year. Last week while I was in Target, I bit the bullet and bought an adorable leopard planner. I don't know what I'll do with it but I have it and I love it! (The planners are not online yet so check your local Target!)

4. May Designs: Can I really do a stationery post without mentioning my beloved May Designs? I don't know how many I have in my collection but I stop myself weekly from buying more. However, they just released an appointment layout that I have my eye on! Also, don't even get me started on the folios -- they are too cute for words.

5. Notepads: As much as I love notebooks and agendas, I love a good old fashioned notepad just as much. Making a single to-do list on a nice piece of paper, whether it's adorned with something cute in the corner or just a regular paper, I'm addicted.

Honorary mention: Post-its are God's gift to the Type A and I just got these ADORABLE coffee & donut ones from Target. I've had these marble ones in my collection for a while too and I love them. They make any note feel that much fancier. Also, I've started an obsession with these awesome diamond pens.

PS: I just discovered this Etsy shop and I need everything from there immediately. She has the cutest notebook designs!

PPS: Evelyn Henson also has some wonderful notebook prints that I've been dying to get my hands on for years but never pulled the plug!

Below are some items that are currently on my wishlist:

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