Last week I did a post on my summer must-haves in terms of fashion and one of those must haves were graphic tees.

I explained how when I was younger I loved graphic tees and how they went out of style but now they're back. Everyone has their own take on graphic tees and they are definitely my favorite article of clothing.

When I was in college, my go-to outfit was always leggings and a sorority tee. It didn't matter whether it was rain, shine, or snow, you could find me across campus wearing a trusty pair of letters. It was so bad that the last 2 weeks of school I wore letters every single day (without repeating a shirt mind you) and my friends kindly asked me to wear something else. I was subconsciously preparing for the day when I no longer was allowed to wear them.

After I graduated in 2014, I continued to wear my sorority shirts but that only continued for a year or so. Now, I need another uniform to take the place of my letters. Whether it's lounging around the house or running errands, I need something simple to throw on, feel cute, but not feel so put together that I'm trying.

That's where graphic tees come in. I throw one on with leggings and flip flops or slides and I have my summer outfit. It's a no brainer and I love it!

This is a sweatshirt from ShopBetches but they have some great tees 
My custom made Bow & Drape shirt (another great place for graphic tees)

An old Victoria Secrets shirt that always attracts the wrong kind of attention

What I love most about graphic tees is that they send a message; they're fun, quirky, and can define your personality.

I know I included some favorites last week but I felt like I needed to really show you my favorites. I recently rediscovered one of my favorite sites for graphic tees -- ShopRiffRaff -- they have so many cute ones and they're not crazy priced.

Nordstrom is also always a good spot to find something adorable; even better if you could find some Wildfox on sale at Nordstrom Rack!

Here are some of my other favorites:

Do you love graphic tees as much as me?

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