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Fashion Files: Summer Must Haves | June 2017

If you read the blog regularly, you'll know that I'm not a summer gal. I much prefer fall and winter to the heated months of June-August. Throw April-September in there as well because I'm not a huge fan of those either.

However, I'm not dreading this summer as much as I have in the past. Maybe it's because it's not yet hit 90 degrees or because I have some fun plans, or maybe it's because I actually like the clothes and accessories I've been collecting in honor of the summer.

There are a lot of trends out there right now that I am totally on board with. I've already given into a few so here they are!

1. SPF: This is weird and random but I never wear sunscreen. I know it's very irresponsible of me but I just never really applied it, because I like to be tan and I never burned. That changed in recent years and I now really know the importance of slathering on the SPF. But knowing me, I can't just buy Coppertone, I need fancy, Sephora brand SPF. Last year I had a sample of the Tarteguard & Dr. Jart SPF and I loved it; this year before I went to Florida I invested in the Julep No Excuses Face Sunscreen and love it. I apply it every morning before my makeup, acting as a moisturizer/primer on my ultra-lazy days!

2. Slides: If you haven't seen a pair of slides this year, you're living under a rock. Slides are everywhere from Givenchy and Gucci to Steve Madden and Target. At first, I wasn't impressed or taken with the trend but then I saw some really fancy pairs on Nordstrom's website and instantly became obsessed. I ordered a pair of Topshop slides (similar here) which are so comfortable and easy to throw on (even easier than flip flops) and I recently got this pair of Steve Madden which I've lusted after for months. Below are a few more favorites!

3. Athleisure: This is not just a summer trend but a trend that has seen a huge spike recently. I'm not complaining; I'm obsessed! Leggings, T-shirts, sneakers... it's the uniform that every girl loves and is welcoming with open arms. I think the perfect outfit this summer is going to be a slouchy t-shirt, leggings, and your best pair of slides!

4. Graphic Tees: The 13-year-old in me is screaming that this trend is officially cool again. When I was young, Delias' graphic tees were my everything. I had to have every single catchy saying or cute photo on my t-shirt, much to the dismay of my mother. Well now I dress myself and graphic tees are back in style. Everyone has a funny saying shirt from "No Coffee, No Talkie" or "Namaste In Bed" (both of which I own). This is going to be the ultimate summer look.

What are your summer must-haves?