I feel like I should've gotten past my Kate Spade obsession by now but this phase has lasted for quite a long time.

I've always gone through phases over obsessing about something but this Kate Spade phase is nowhere near over. I think this is a long-term love affair and I'm quite ok with that.

I spend a majority of my time on the Kate Spade website, browsing the new sale items and adding to my wishlist. I always find something that I'm lusting after.

That's what inspired me to write this post... that, and the fact that Coach just purchased them for $2.4 billion.

Kate Spade is pretty good at releasing new products and I feel like it's more than once a season that we get a new collection. A few months ago it was their Moroccan inspired collection with colorful prints, camels, and fringe everywhere... now they just released their floral inspired collection with bright greens, pinks, and blues. I personally really love this collection and really want to buy this bag because it's a nice little crossbody.

They also just released their convertible bags; they've taken their convertible straps, stickers and bag charms to the next level and you can swap out covers for two different bags, the Byrdie and Candance Satchel.

There are so many different covers for each bag, giving them totally different looks. One of these is on my list but I may wait until my birthday to ask for it.

Below are some of my latest wants from Kate Spade!

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