Another week in the books and a long weekend is ahead of us! I'm off today and Monday so a nice, long four day weekend is just what I need. I'll be heading off to Pennsylvania next week for a few days on a work trip (what else) so blogging will be limited but for now, here we are!

I don't have much else to ramble on about, other than the weather was less than springy in New York this week but it was a-ok with me. I love a good rainy day!

I uploaded a new Youtube video this week and another one will be coming very soon!

I'm going to the HerConference in July (my 4th time going I think) and they announced some keynote speakers this week. UM Troian Bellisario is going to be a keynote speaker as well as Lisa Sugar. There are a few more speakers to be announced and this year they're going to have an Influencer Track so I'm excited to get a real blogging conference experience.

If you're in New York and have never been to #HerConference, I highly recommend it! You can see my past posts here:

I went in 2016 but didn't write a post about it!

Here's what I loved this week:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
Enjoy the long weekend!

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