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Manicure Monday: MB45 + OPI INFINITE SHINE

Last week I went to a salon in Manhattan for a complimentary blowout and manicure. It's called MB45 and is located in Tribeca. Their whole shtick is that you get a blowout and manicure in 45 minutes; I posted an Instagram gallery all about it last week -- it's definitely worth it in my opinion!

I was not going to do a Manicure Monday post today because it's just been too much but I feel like it's my civic duty to tell you about this.

At MB45 they used the OPI Infinite Shine nail polish which is OPI's version of Essie Gel Couture -- a gel manicure without the LED light.

I've never used this nail polish before so I just assumed it would be like a regular polish; non LED light gel manicures never really last longer than regular polish on me. My nails are just too damaged for that.

Well, I'll be dammed!

It's been one week and there is minimal chipping on my nails. I've never been so impressed with a nail polish formula before.

It was a long week and I was very active with my hands so I'm really shocked that the polish held up well. I could probably last another half a week with this polish and I just might!

The color I got is gorgeous; it's called "From Here to Eternity" and it's the perfect summer pink; it's a hot pink with a touch of coral but not neon, so it's awesome for everyday.

Below is a photo of when I first got my nails done:

Here is a photo of my nails on Sunday, almost a week after the manicure:

I will be running out to purchase a color from this line along with the gel top coat!

Have you ever tried the OPI Infinite Shine? Let me know if your results were the same!