I am not a shoe lover and never have been. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that once or twice here before. I'm very rough on my feet I guess, because by the end of the season, my shoes are always ripped apart.

I mean, I was walking to work the other day and realized that my black riding boots that are 2 years old were falling apart on the heel. The entire sole of the shoe was ripping off. It's just never good luck with shoes and me.

That being said, I don't spend money on shoes that much and don't like expensive shoes. That has not changed, but in recent months I've caught myself lusting after a few pairs of shoes and it's very unlike me. There are so many cute trends for spring and I want them all.

I'll be traveling to warmer weather before it heats up in New York; a work trip in the beginning of May and hopefully a trip this summer (fingers crossed!) so spring/summer shoes have been on my mind.

Here's what I've been looking at:

What are your must-have shoes for spring?
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