I can't believe that February is already over! It does feel like it went by at a normal pace but it's almost the official end of winter. Once March 1st hits, it's spring in my mind; part of me likes it and the other part hates it because I am a true winter girl.

I feel like I say this constantly but I hate spring & summer, good news is we're one step closer to fall 2017! HAHA

I just wrote my recent beauty hauls post yesterday so there are some of my favorite beauty items, but as for the month of February, I didn't wear that much makeup so the beauty favorites are minimal makeup and a few accessories!

monthly muse-february-monthly favorites

monthly muse-february-monthly favorites

1. Louis Vuitton PM Agenda: My Louis Vuitton obsession is in full force and I cannot stop it. It has always been my favorite luxury designer; my mom had a few Vuitton bags when I was growing up and on my 16th birthday, my grandma gifted me a Speedy 30. Ever since then I wanted more Louis Vuitton but it's extremely expensive. Now, I've discovered the luxury community and the pre-loved market so I've been buying a shit ton of stuff. I think that's why I've been buying less makeup and other stuff. Well, this baby has really been a favorite of mine this month. I use it as my blog planner (more on that tomorrow) and it's so handy. I haven't had a real blog planner in a while and I like it so much better than digital planning. I am a true planner addict and ugh, I'm obsessed with this beauty!

2. Kate Spade iPhone Case: Kate Spade's spring arrivals are GORGEOUS and I am officially in love with all of them. When I spotted this new phone case, I jumped on it. It has roses & a clear back to let my rose gold phone shine through so it's perfect for me; I've been searching for a phone case like this for a while. It is classified as an iPhone 7 case on Nordstrom.com but the 6 & 7 phones are exactly the same in size so my iPhone 6s fits perfectly in it.

3. Laura Geller Quench-n-Tint: This is a new hydrating "foundation" from Laura Geller (the brand I work for!) and I've been obsessed with it all month. It's definitely more of a tinted moisturizer and it gives you an instant burst of hydration; it feels like you're splashing your skin with water. I pair it with my First Aid Beauty Color Correcting Cushion and they're the perfect companion. Sheer coverage for a no makeup makeup look -- definitely my go to this month! Quench-n-Tint will be available everywhere in April but for now it's available on QVC.

4. Chanel Rogue Lip Balm: I don't own any Chanel beauty products but when I heard good things about this lip balm, I purchased it. It's been going everywhere with me all month long and it's my new favorite; it's a bit pricey but I'm willingly to splurge if a lip balm works. It's moisturizing without being waxy and doesn't leave behind any residue that makes your lips dry or uncomfortable.

What were your favorites of the month?

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