I was never the fashion girl, says the girl who has been running a lifestyle blog since 2012. I wore simple things from simple stores, but always envied those who knew how to put an outfit together.

I've definitely gotten better in the past few years, since discovering the online world of my favorite fashion bloggers and taking inspiration from them. I still struggle, mostly because I think I'm too big to pull off a lot of outfits that I see but I'm more confident than I used to be. Well, so I think.

While I owe a lot of that to my fav bloggers, I owe so much of that to Nordstrom.

When I was younger, Bloomingdales was my favorite store ever. I mean, there was Juicy Couture for miles and my mom took a liking to legendary Bloomies more than Nordstrom. I also thought Bloomingdales was just more glamorous. I hated going into Nordstrom and didn't give it a second glance.

That is, until I discovered online shopping and the fact that Nordstrom had free shipping and free returns, and that there return policy was a thing from the heavens. When I started Royally Pink and started following other bloggers, I saw that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale was a huge deal, that's the moment I fell for the big time department store.

When I got my Nordstrom credit card in 2015, just in time for the big sale, I fell deeper in love and it's been the most intense relationship of my life.... that's a total lie but hey, it's up there!

Now, the Nordstrom app is a permanent fixture on my phone (I even have Touch Id to login) and I am constantly searching the New Arrivals Section.

The beauty and shoe department is some of the best in the business, and now Nordstrom even does price matching, so if something is for sale on Rebecca Minkoff, it's on sale at Nordstrom where you can use your credit card, Nordstrom Notes, and the return policy stands.

I love that Nordstrom has clothes for any price and any size. If you want a $30 LUSH shirt or a $600 Burberry Jacket, they have both and you can get both at the same time.

Nordstrom has THE BEST customer service I've ever experienced and the website is a true dream -- and I work in E-Commerce.

If you think Nordstrom is the kind of retailer that doesn't ever go on sale, you'd be surprised at how often items are on sale there.

I've already mentioned free shipping & returns, on any price point, right?

Nordstrom is my dream retailer; it's my one stop shop for everything and anything. I will shop there forever and ever and this post has been a longtime coming.

Besides American Eagle (for jeans) and JCrew, Nordstrom is the only place I shop for clothes.... or shop for pretty much anything.

I love you, Nordstrom. Thank you for feeding this addiction I have for nice, pretty things!

Below are some of my favorites & must-haves that Nordstrom is currently caring:

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