My love of Kate Spade grows every single day. Sometimes I don't even have the intention of buying anything but I'll log onto their website and just stare at all the pretty items. I look at their Instagram for constant inspiration and to soothe any troubles I have.

Kate Spade is the ultimate chic, girly brand. They're quirky, fun, fancy, carefree, but somehow still serious. They provide outlandish designs like putting camels & elephants on bags and phone cases, but somehow still remain down to earth and give alternative fun items to ladies who maybe don't like to step outside the box as much.

I own a ridiculous amount of Kate Spade items, from necklaces to wallets to sunglasses and jewelry trays. I will buy anything Kate Spade sells me because it makes me so incredibly happy and makes me feel so inspired whenever I wear something by her.

I recently listened to the "How I Built This" NPR podcast with Kate and Andy Spade and realized that Ms. Spade doesn't own any part of the company right now, and if you're up on business talk you'll know that Kate Spade & Co is looking to sell their company to make some more money -- I'm hoping that designs and quality stay the same after this huge move.

Kate Spade is my dream company in so many ways, and I recently went on a bit of a binge at Nordstrom with them. I am addicted to their New Arrivals and Nordstrom always has some different items from the Kate Spade website so it's nice to see what's exclusive to my favorite department store ever.

A few weeks ago, before their March collection was released, I came across a few new Kate Spade items on Nordstrom and truly fell in love. I didn't need any of these items but I couldn't let them go. I also did not impulse purchase these; I let them sit in my cart for a few days and couldn't stop thinking about them so I finally pulled the plug.

These are just little accessories that I fell in love with because I actually cannot get enough of Kate Spade accessories -- I think I like them more than the bags!

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

Kate Spade released a new literary collection on & their website; there are mugs, jewelry trays, and what was called an 'ID Holder'. The minute I saw these items I had to have them; the ID holder is so pretty, decorated in pinks and purples and has one of Shakespeare's plays on the front and back.

The jewelry tray (I could always use more of these) sits on my dresser near my lipstick tower while my other jewelry trays (ones that aren't as nice) sit in my shelving unit. 

I mentioned this phone case in my February Favorites so I won't go into detail but it's been an awesome purchase. 

I've also made a few new bigger purchases; a new pair of sunglasses & a new watch. I returned a Kate Spade watch I purchased a few months ago and exchanged it for this one because it was a little sleeker and I think I'll get a bit more out of it.

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom
The bracelet was a Christmas gift from my Big
I've also been loving my sunglasses; I purchased them in black but they're currently out of stock but available in a few other prints. They're smaller than what I'm used too but have an awesome cat eye shape and is exactly what I've wanted for a few years. 

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

Below are some new Kate Spade purchases that I'm awaiting and wanting!

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