We've discussed books, accessories, and now we are onto beauty. Beauty is my number one love, and I think 2016 was the year that beauty really exploded; 2014 & 2015 were warm ups and this year, the beauty industry took it's rightful place as a booming industry.

Working in the industry is very exciting because everything is changing and evolving in the best ways possible. Youtube, social media, and beauty influencers have changed the game greatly and brands are giving into that. They are developing products more on par with trends, and collaborations with influencers aren't going anywhere.

This was the year that I reigned in my beauty buying a bit, and discovered the art of returning and selling unnecessary things. Because of this, I was able to discover what I really liked and what worked for me.

beauty favorites-2016-anastasia-tarte-kylie

In no particular order...

  • Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit: If this wasn't the year of Kylie Cosmetics, what will be? Myself, and the rest of the world, became addicted to scoring lip kits & other Kylie products when they were released, but then she got down a formula to have the site regularly stocked. I have 8 lip kits and I wrote a Brand Buzz here, but I still need to get my hands on the eyeshadow palettes! 
  • Anastasia Master Palette by Mario: I tried to not purchase a lot of eyeshadow palettes this year (that's my general rule of thumb) but this was the palette I was most excited for this year. My beauty in review post is here, but the palette is super pigmented, versatile, and I love it.
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: One of the most talked about concealers this year and with good reason. It's blendable, full coverage, and doesn't settle into any lines or creases. Blending it with your finger, beauty blender, or brush will give you awesome results. It's the only concealer I've been reaching for in recent months. 
beauty favorites-2016-anastasia-tarte-kylie

Below are some honorable mentions: 

What were your favorite beauty products of 2016?

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