Brand Buzz is usually a series reserved for my favorite beauty brands but this time, I felt the need to talk about an accessories brand that I've grown to love over the past few months.

Henri Bendel is a very old brand; it was started in 1895 and since then has been a leading retailer for the best items around. The history of the brand is very interesting and if you're interested in reading about it, there's a great story page on the website.

henri bendel-accessories-fashion

Henri Bendel used to be a retailer for other brands, but then it started to focus on it's own line consisting of handbags and luxury accessories recently. I feel like I always knew what Henri Bendel was but never cared much for it because I thought it was too luxurious and I wasn't the main demographic.

Then I saw fashion bloggers using the bags, followed Henri Bendel on Instagram and I was hooked. The branding is right up my alley, and makes me feel inspired & happy the way Kate Spade does.

That's when I started really enjoying Henri Bendel and looking to get anything from the brand I could get my hands on. I started out with some accessories and just purchased my first handbag from them a few months ago... where I also got a free handbag as a gift with purchase.

henri bendel-accessories-fashion
A few photos from my first trip to a HB store a few weeks ago!
That's another great thing about Henri Bendel, they are always having sales & free gifts with purchase, so you never really have to pay full price for anything. I don't think I've purchased ANYTHING at full price since I started shopping there.

First, let's start with my handbag, the Convertible Jetsetter Backpack. This is HB's signature bag and what they are most known for. Backpacks are back in style and I loved the look of this one, but didn't know if I really wanted a backpack. Well, my life has been forever changed.

Wearing this backpack to work and on the subway is life changing. Your hands are free, it's stylish and comfortable, and isn't too heavy. There's tons of compartments to keep tiny items, and the bag is convertible so you can wear it as a regular shoulder bag.

henri bendel-accessories-fashion

henri bendel-accessories-fashion

This is another bag I've had my eye on forever. I saw it in store recently and it's even more gorgeous in person. I especially love the classic brown & white stripe design that HB is known for.

Now onto accessories... As much as I rave about Lilly Pulitzer planners, the planner was too heavy for me to carry to and from work so I decided to splurge on a Graphic Image/Henri Bendel planner. The illustrations are ADORABLE and it's tiny and compact, but still big enough to write a lot in. I started using it last week and it's changed my life. This is my new favorite planner!

I have a few phone cases from Henri Bendel, and they're super adorable. Like I said, the illustrations get me every time.

I just purchased this pill box for travel... I take a lot of medication so it'll be nice to have everything in one, neat place.

Megan Hess, a fashion illustrator, also puts out some collections with Henri Bendel. I wanted to get my hands on something of hers and saw these coasters. Do I need coasters? Not at all... but I had a 20% off coupon, and they're adorable and go nice with my room. I use them on my furniture and as decor pieces, and they're perfect.

Henri Bendel is on par with Kate Spade as one of my favorite brands of all time. It's chic, luxurious, fancy, adorable, and perfect for everyone.

Have you ever purchased anything from Henri Bendel? Shop my other picks below:

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