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We're back... and ready to move on. This was a hard week. Monday & Tuesday were spent very stressed and anxious, while Wednesday & Thursday I was confused, sad, and my heart was heavy.

I'm not upset about who ISN'T our president elect, I'm upset about WHO IS.

Yesterday, I just wanted to start the healing process and move on, but social media is making that very hard. I unfollowed a lot of people, muted a lot of people, and deactivated my Facebook, which is why you can't see the blog's Facebook page.

I've never done that before; I deleted the Facebook app about a month ago, but I needed a true break. I can handle Twitter & Instagram, but Facebook was way too much for me.

I'm the type of person who kind of needs to live in a bubble. It's not super healthy, but sometimes I just need to tune out the noise and pretend things aren't happening. I need to protect my mind because if I don't, it'll break me.

That's what I did on Tuesday night. I legitimately thought I was going to have a heart attack because I've never felt stress like this. I took a sleeping pill, and went to sleep. I couldn't handle it.

It's all happened, and we need to move on as a country and see what's next.

That will be the last I say about it.

Everything being said, I have another big week next week, just some personal stuff, so once it's like Thursday, I'll be ok and in full holiday mode, and I can't wait. I have some super exciting, elaborate holiday posts planned and once I'm in the right frame of mind, they're going to be awesome! I'm so excited.

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For now, here's everything I loved this week. (There's only a few election links, I promise!)

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