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Fashion Files: Fall Shoes

I'm not a shoe gal... I'd probably walk around barefoot if I was considered hygenic, and if I didn't have to travel to work by subway.

I'm very simple when it comes to my shoes... UGG boots, a few pairs of ballet flats, riding boots, and in the summer, sandals.

I never really care about what I was putting on my feet, and never particular about the brand of shoe, expect my UGG boots.

I've never really browsed shoes websites, until now...

I've been a fan of Jack Rogers for the past few years, ever since joining a sorority and realizing they were basically necessary for our uniform *sarcasm*.

I never considered buying Jack Rogers booties or flats because I thought of them as a summer shoe brand, and they are pretty pricey.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I was on Instagram, as usual, and came across a few bloggers & Jack Rogers posts about their new booties.  I recently purchased this pair of BCBG booties and as gorgeous & comfortable as they are, I wanted something a little more practical for everyday, mostly for work. I could only wear flats & riding boots so much... I needed something else.

When I saw the Bailee booties, I fell in love. They spoke to me on an emotional level, the way bags speak to me. I put off the purchase but knew I was going to need to pull the plug at some point.

That is until I got an email with these gorgeous little shoes. I bought them directly from my phone and never looked back

I mean, they're themed shoes & I can only wear them in November, but they are so cute! They're also the most comfortable flats I own.

After I bought the Turkey Shoe flats, I bought the Baliee Booties in Espresso & they are the most comfortable booties I own. They are the perfect heel height, they're super comfortable, and they really go with everything. I'm already eyeing up a pair in black.

Jack Rogers shoes are of incredible quality, really well made, and adorable. They aren't super trendy, so they're constantly in style, and they have so many color & size options.

I'm actually kind of addicted to Jack Rogers shoes right now, and I don't see the obsession letting up.

What is your favorite brand of shoes?