Weekly Wrap Up

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This was a long week... a trip to New Jersey, a trip up to my alma mater death in the family, a funeral, a hectic work week, and a mental break down here or there, and I'm happy it's Friday.

Last weekend I was away from home, and the next 3 weekends I'm busy so this is my last free weekend for a while, and I'm looking forward to staying in, going to the gym, and relaxing.

It's supposed to rain and be gloomy, and it sounds like a great pre-Halloween weekend to curl up with books, Hocus Pocus, tea, and fall candles.


Well, enough of my pipe dreams for the weekend (I'm a real exciting 23 year old, I know)... I don't have much else to say so I'll get right to what I loved this week:

What you missed this week on Royally Pink:
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Have a great weekend everyone! 
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